Our sustainability practices revolutionize farming, blending organic principles and minimal soil disturbance with cutting-edge biodiversity techniques. By integrating diverse crops, reducing chemical use, and enhancing soil health through organic recycling, we empower farmers to drastically cut emissions and contribute to a healthier planet, all while boosting their own productivity and resilience.


Sustainable agriculture, carbon farming, and soil regeneration are pivotal in ecosystem regeneration. By adopting practices that reduce chemical inputs, enhance biodiversity, and improve soil health, they capture carbon, restoring the soil’s organic matter. This leads to healthier crops, increased biodiversity, and resilience against climate change, rejuvenating the entire ecosystem.


Our innovative approach empowers companies to achieve their sustainability objectives with accurate carbon assessment and premium carbon offsets. Enhancing farming practices, we prioritize corporate objectives, providing financial incentives for regenerative agriculture. This synergy of environmental responsibility and business strategy positions companies as sustainability leaders.


Climate Action
Not Risk Mitigation

Our mission is to create a financial incentive for farmers to regenerate, preserve, and cultivate vital natural ecosystems in a sustainable way, promoting an ethical and mutually beneficial collaboration with companies committed to environmental sustainability.


Green Renaissance: from Italy to Global Revival

Our journey commenced in 2020, focusing on the rejuvenation of extensive areas of neglected and degraded landscapes. Our initial endeavor involved revitalizing 180,000 hectares in Puglia, Italy, a region afflicted by the devastating impact of the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium.
However, our vision extends far beyond, targeting the global expanse of 120 million hectares of degraded territory, bolstering ecological resilience, enriching the local biosphere, and cultivating a vibrant productive ecosystem.


Sustainability and inclusivity

We develop green projects that engage communities and revolutionize traditional paradigms across Italy and throughout the Mediterranean region. Our projects are designed to include all professional farmers, even the smaller ones with a minimum of 1 hectare of farmland.
To support change and promote regenerative agricultural practices, we collaborate with our farmers to create Nature-Based Carbon Credits, which we offer in the voluntary market to companies looking to reduce emissions and contribute to eco-friendly initiatives.
Moreover, through our RAAS (Regeneration As A Service) program, we are dedicated to establishing agroforestry projects on neglected, depleted, and marginal lands, all with the aim of boosting biodiversity and rejuvenating natural ecosystems.


Beyond Carbon Removal

All our projects go beyond carbon removal, delivering benefits in environmental, social, and economic aspects. Through innovative regenerative and agroforestry practices, we restore soil health, rejuvenate ecosystems, and promote biodiversity, cleaner watersheds, and improved air quality.
This approach not only addresses climate change but also benefits local communities by creating jobs, boosting rural economies, enhance productivity and support the production of healthier, nutrient-rich foods.

Promoting an ethical and mutually beneficial collaboration

As a united community of specialists and farmers, we engineer groundbreaking solutions that simultaneously revolutionize farm and agribusiness operations while aligning perfectly with corporate ambitions for robust sustainability. Our approach is a win-win, offering tangible benefits to both agricultural communities and forward-thinking corporations.
We simplify the job of assessing environmental impact by equipping corporates with precise tools to identify their Carbon Footprint, then provide them high quality carbon removals to offset residual emissions.
Concurrently we helps farmers access vital financial support for ecosystem restoration and the transition to regenerative agriculture.

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