How does the AgroEcology programme work?

Work your land sustainably, and we will do the rest.
  • STEP 1

    Farm company membership.
    Basic measurements and initial estimates.
  • STEP 2

    Implementation of new agronomic practices.

    STEP 2

  • STEP 3

    Annual measurements of actual carbon stored through soil analysis and satellite imagery.
  • STEP 4

    Generation and sale of Carbon Credits.

    STEP 4

  • STEP 5

    Distribution of earnings to farmers.

Earn additional income

while acting in favor of the environment

We protect the planet against global warming by providing regenerative agriculture solutions

Transform your farm with our carbon programme: join the forefront of agricultural innovation and profitability. Our cutting-edge program aligns with the latest science and market trends, offering farmers premium carbon certificates for a lucrative new income stream. Experience enhanced crop yields and quality through regenerative practices, while making a meaningful entry into the green economy via the carbon market. Benefit from our advanced technology platform and expert advisory, empowering you to effectively manage and capitalize on your greenhouse gas contributions.


Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how many and which new agronomic practices are adopted after signing a contract with Alberami. You can earn up to a maximum of 500 euros per year per hectare.

Alberami is a private company completely independent from European community policies regarding payments. All our farmers receive CAP income (and possibly the others listed as well), in addition to earning an additional sum through our project.

Alberami earns its profit by retaining a percentage of the credit sales: if the farmer doesn’t earn, Alberami doesn’t earn. There is an annual fee for farmers, which is used to cover management expenses. Details at this link.

Just follow the good agronomic practices suggested by Alberami as outlined in this brochure.

Join Alberami as a farmer

We will guide you through each step from our experts until you reach your intended goals. Already more than 200 farmers have joined our Community.